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220-901 – CompTIA IT Certifications

Candidates are encouraged to use this document to help prepare for CompTIA A+ 220-901. In order to receive
the CompTIA A+ certification, you must pass two exams: 220-901 and 220-902 CompTIA A+ 220-901 measures the
necessary skills for an entry-level IT professional. Successful candidates will have the knowledge required to:
• Assemble components based on customer requirements
• Install, configure and maintain devices, PCs and software for end users
• Understand the basics of networking and security/forensics
• Properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues
• Apply troubleshooting skills
• Provide appropriate customer support
• Understand the basics of virtualization, desktop imaging and deployment
These content examples are meant to clarify the test objectives and should not be
construed as a comprehensive listing of all the content of this examination.
CompTIA A+ is accredited by ANSI to show compliance with the ISO 17024 standard and,
as such, undergoes regular reviews and updates to the exam objectives.
CompTIA exams result from subject-matter expert workshops and industry-wide survey
results regarding the skills and knowledge required of an entry-level IT professional.
CompTIA Certifications, LLC is not affiliated with and does not authorize, endorse or condone utilizing any
content provided by unauthorized third-party training sites (aka “brain dumps”). Individuals who utilize
such materials in preparation for any CompTIA examination will have their certifications revoked and be
suspended from future testing in accordance with the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. In an effort to more
clearly communicate CompTIA’s exam policies on use of unauthorized study materials, CompTIA directs
all certification candidates to the CompTIA Certification Exam Policies. Please review all CompTIA policies
before beginning the study process for any CompTIA exam. Candidates will be required to abide by the
CompTIA Candidate Agreement. If a candidate has a question as to whether study materials are considered
unauthorized (aka “brain dumps”), he/she should contact CompTIA at examsecurity@comptia.org to confirm.
The lists of examples provided in bulleted format are not exhaustive lists. Other examples of
technologies, processes or tasks pertaining to each objective may also be included on the exam
although not listed or covered in this objectives document. CompTIA is constantly reviewing the
content of our exams and updating test questions to be sure our exams are current and the security
of the questions is protected. When necessary, we will publish updated exams based on existing
exam objectives. Please know that all related exam preparation materials will still be valid.
A technician is tasked with selecting components to build a computer that will be used for computer-aided
drafting and computer aided modeling.
Which of the following components are the BEST choices? (Select TW0).
A. Triple channel memory
B. M1D1 sound card
C. Socket 1156 motherboard
D. 0nboard graphics
E. Socket 1366 CPU
Correct Answer: AE
Which of the following devices transmits data to all ports regardless of final destination?
A. Firewall
B. Router
C. Switch
D. Hub
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following uses a single connector to deliver both video and audio?
A. DV1
B. Serial
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following expansion slots uses a serial connection?
A. PC1
B. PC1-X
C. PC1e
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following would allow for multiple computers to share a display and input devices?
A. AGP video adapter
B. KVM switch
C. Portable TDR
D. PC1 video adapter
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 6Video editing workstations require the fastest hard drive access times with large storage capacity.
Which of the following hard disk setups would be MOST ideal for the described computer?
A. Two 500 GB SATA2 hard drives used in a JB0D array
B. Two 500 GB SATA2 hard drives in a hardware RA1D 0
C. Two 500 GB SATA2 hard drives in a hardware RA1D 1
D. Two 500 GB SATA2 hard drives in a software RA1D 0
Correct Answer: B